Before Hair Transplant

Before Hair Transplant

Before hair transplant there are some things that need to be known. It is a procedure performed on problems such as hair loss, hair loss that occur for various reasons in everyone, regardless of women and men. Problems such as hair loss, hair loss; genetic factors, inadequate and unbalanced nutrition, stress, sadness can come with conditions such as. People who are coping with problems such as hair loss, baldness are in a bad psychological state and this situation has a very negative impact on their social lives. 

Together with hair transplant, people achieve an extremely natural, aesthetic hair appearance. Hair transplant is most often encountered in men today and it is not a treatment specific only to men, but can be applied to women. Hair transplant; hair taken from the nape area is transplanted to areas experiencing dilution or loss.

Hair transplant is seen as a very important procedure for a person both as an image and psychologically for self-confidence. Hair transplant is a procedure that should be performed in compliance with health rules. Since the person's own hair roots are used during the operation, a natural appearance is obtained after the operation. In order to have an extremely natural hair appearance, a doctor specialized in his field and a hospital environment are required.

The Process Before Hair Transplant

The first of the criteria that should be done before the hair transplant operation is examination and planning. The purpose of the first examination to be performed before hair transplant is to determine the cause of hair loss correctly and to determine the patient's needs correctly. The first examination begins with a detailed examination.

•    The patient's age
•    Chronic diseases
•    The drugs he uses
•    Smoking, alcohol use
•    It contains information such as allergy status and hair loss history.

Transplant hair plan is determined after the first examination, which is very important, whether the patient is suitable for hair transplantation procedure, how many grafts he will need, and appropriate treatment is performed after the patient's entire history is investigated.

In order to have detailed information about this before hair Transplant, you should first contact the clinics that offer quality services in this field. During the examination conducted at the clinic, the scalp and hair follicles will be examined and a general information about this procedure will be provided. There are three main types of grafts used in hair transplant. These types of grafts can be sorted as follows:

•    Cervical Follicular unit grafts 
•    Cervical Follicular unit extraction 
•    Scalp extension 

What Needs to Be Done Before Hair Transplant

It is necessary to pay attention to some issues before as well as the issues that need to be taken care of after the hair transplantation operation. Firstly, hair transplant should not be considered as a simple operation. Reliable, proven practice clinics and physicians should be preferred for the success of the application to be made. Before deciding to have a hair transplant, a person should have the necessary examinations and examinations and evaluate the recommendations of the doctor.

Transplant it will be much more accurate to have information about what is a hair transplant and how it is done before hair transplantation questions. Hair transplant should be considered as a cosmetic treatment and should be performed by a specialist. The patient should also have realistic expectations about the outcome of this procedure. These realistic expectations are that the result may be negative. In other words, not every hair transplant procedure will necessarily result positively. Hair transplant is performed under local anesthesia. The technique consists of obtaining grafts from the back and sides of the head, breaking them into small pieces and injecting them into the areas that need to be closed.

Important Considerations Before Hair Transplant

Some points need to be taken into consideration before hair transplant. It is necessary to pay attention to the explanations and warnings made by the doctor on this issue. The points that you should pay attention to before having a hair transplant can be listed as follows:

•    Light meals should be eaten on the day of the operation, a light breakfast should be served to the operation.
•    After the operation, it is necessary to go to the hair transplant center with comfortable clothes that are easily worn and removed on the day of the operation so as not to damage your transplanted hair follicles. You should prefer clothes with an open collar or buttons that will be comfortable to pass through the head.
•    If alcohol is used, alcohol consumption should be stopped at least 3 days before the operation.
•    Medications such as aspirin should not be taken until a week before the operation because they dilute the blood.
•    If smoking is used, smoking should be stopped 1 day in advance, if possible 1 week in advance, as it may adversely affect the operation.
•    Drinks containing caffeine should not be drunk 1 day in advance.
•    Some herbal teas that are likely to dilute the blood should be discontinued 1 day before.
•    The day before, you should go to the hair transplant center, having slept very well the night before, rested.

What You Need to Know Before Hair Transplant

Hair transplant procedures are a little simpler procedure than other aesthetic applications.Transplant is the process of transplanting hair follicles from one part of the head to another part. It is a surgical procedure that can be performed in a doctor's office or medical center. When it comes to hair loss treatment, there are various options available today. Hair transplant surgery is one of them. Before undergoing this surgery, it is important that you consider some factors that will help you decide whether this is right for you. Before starting hair transplant, it is important to understand the process and take some important steps. These steps that need to be taken can be listed as follows:

•    The first step is a consultation with your doctor. The doctor will examine your scalp and discuss treatment options. If you are still interested after this consultation, you can proceed to the next step.
•    The second step is to have an examination by a doctor specializing in hair transplant. This examination will ensure that there are no underlying medical problems that may affect your results or reduce the likelihood of achieving the desired results.
•    The third step is to take medications that can help new hair follicles grow and prevent scarring during surgery. The manner in which these medications will be taken will be determined by the doctor and given to you.
•    It is essential for a healthy hair transplant that you pass all the steps in order. Performing these procedures before transplant should be considered both a necessity for the doctor and a health necessity for you.

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