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Painless hair transplant methods are the best treatment method for both men and women. Hair transplantation is usually a very comfortable method. Today, both women and men often have hair transplants.

• It is a safe, simple and painless procedure.
• Since it does not require any anesthesia or sedation, you can return to social life after treatment.
• These transplant procedures involve removing hair from the donor area, especially from the back of the head, and implanting it into the balding area using a small surgical instrument.
• There are two methods of painless hair transplant. These two painless hair transplant methods are the FUE method and the FUT method. While an incision is made on your scalp in the FUT method, no incision is made on your scalp in the FUE method. .

In some cases, hair may fall out as a result of trauma or due to old age. Especially in cases such as chemotherapy, hair is lost. Painless hair transplant applications are one of the most effective ways to get rid of baldness without any side effects or complications. This surgery uses your own hair follicles from another part of your body to fill in areas where there is no longer hair growth due to aging or the loss of natural hair follicles for other reasons.

Who Can Have a Painless Hair Transplant?

Painless hair transplant can be done with many different methods. In particular, the most appropriate method for the patient's hair structure and skin structure is determined by the physician. Since the procedure contains technical details, it must be performed by specialists in the field. It is a surgical technique that creates or restores a natural appearance by moving hair follicles from one part of the body to another. Painless hair transplant is a surgical procedure performed by doctors trained and experienced in the art of microsurgical hair restoration. These procedures can be performed on any area of the body where hair loss occurs as a result of genetics, disease or trauma.

One of the frequently asked questions for painless hair transplant is who can it be applied to. It can be applied for every healthy man and woman. For men and women who have experienced hair loss, this hair transplant can be performed for everyone, provided that they are over the age of 18. This procedure is performed especially intensively for people who do not want to cut their existing hair, but want to have a team at the points where there is no hair. All individuals who do not have health problems can reach healthy and bushy hair by going to the doctor for this procedure.

Before Painless Hair Transplant

You should first be examined for a painless hair transplant. It will be appropriate for you to have a conversation with the doctor about deciding on this procedure. At the end of the examination conducted by the doctor and during the controls with the device, the appropriate method will be decided. After the decision is made for a painless hair transplant, your procedure date is determined. You will be asked not to take any antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs at least two weeks before your procedure date. In addition, you will be asked not to smoke for three months before and after the date of your hair transplant application, as well as for six weeks after the date of your surgery if you are undergoing a FUT procedure. Smoking has been found to reduce the success rate of hair transplants by reducing blood flow in the scalp area. This, in turn, will make it difficult for infections or poor healing of wounds after surgery.

The use of blood decongestant drugs such as aspirin should be stopped 10 days before the procedures. Green tea and herbal tea should not be consumed during the time periods when these procedures will be performed. Alcohol consumption should be decoupled 5 days before the procedure is performed. Coffee consumption should be reduced as much as possible. Supplementing foods such as multivitamins should be consumed 5 days before the procedure, energy drinks should be consumed 10 days before painless hair transplant.

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Painless Hair Transplant Methods

The painless hair transplant procedure can be performed by many different methods. In general, to explain; It is a procedure that involves removing hair from the donor area, i.e. from the back or sides, and placing it in balding areas. The surgeon places each follicle with local anesthesia, allowing him to perform the procedure without any discomfort or pain. Hair Transplant methods that can be done without pain have been preferred much more in recent years. In addition, these hair Transplant methods are also made due to the completion of the procedures in a short time. There are 2 main methods of painless hair transplant. These methods can be sorted as follows: FUE and FUT methods.

• The FUE method is an advanced technique in which the grafts are taken one by one using small needles ranging from 0.6mm - 1.0mm depending on the size of your grafts. This method provides greater precision when removing grafts, so that fewer donor sites are needed for each session than other methods, such as the ribbon method, in which all follicles must be removed at the same time.
• The FUT method is the other option. This method is also called strip excision. The FUT method involves removing a hair strip containing many follicular units in one go with a scalpel or other surgical device that makes an incision in front and behind each extracted follicle.

Painless Hair Transplant Prices

The prices of painless hair transplant are variable. Not every patient's hair and skin condition is the same. Therefore, different methods can be determined for everyone. The prices are determined as a result of the inspection. The back and sides of the head, which are designated as the donor area, involve taking grafts and placing them in the balding area, which is usually the front of the head. The donor area remains covered with long-term hair, and there are no more marks on this area of the scalp.

The donor area continues to produce new hair as before and does not require any special care or maintenance after surgery. The doctor will use various devices to remove each follicle on your head into a small tube, which will then be placed in the recipient area that needs new hair growth. The execution of all these transactions is carried out by making these payments by determining a certain price.

It will be appropriate for you to do a detailed research for painless hair Transplant prices. In the research you have done, price options will be offered according to the condition of the devices to be used and how much graft you need by conducting an inspection with the devices before the procedure.


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