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Unshaven Hair Transplant

Transplant areas can be shortened to zero number if necessary at the time of transplant, after shaving the hair done before the unshaven hair transplant operation, and also at the time of the operation. Channels are opened to the sections where the hair cut with a razor is located and transplant of grafts is performed.

• Unshaven hair transplant has some disadvantages as well as advantages. The biggest disadvantage of having an unshaven hair transplant is the duration. Unshaven hair transplant operations take much longer.
• In order for unshaven hair transplant to be performed, there must be regional or local hair loss. It is not possible to perform unshaven hair transplant on hair that has completely shed or completely diluted hair.
• Hair transplant specialists usually need to make a preliminary assessment and make a decision in order for unshaven hair transplant to be a success.

Unshaven hair transplant is a type of hair restoration method that can be used to treat male pattern baldness and female hair loss. This style does not require an incision in hair Transplant. Therefore, it can prevent the formation of scars on your head after the operation. It is known that unshaven beard transplant, which is almost always in an ambitious position especially in terms of patient comfort, is also in an ambitious position to show successful results.

Advantages of Unshaven Hair Transplant

Hair transplant, which is among the popular methods of recent times, brings with it many important gains. During this operation, tiny grafts are taken from different donor sites. It is transplanted to balding areas using special tools under local anesthesia so that you do not feel any pain during the operation. The transplanted grafts are then placed in their new location, where they begin to grow naturally, just like your existing grafts. The advantages of unshaven hair transplant, which is often preferred today, are as follows;

• In men with a hair length of about 4 cm and in women with short hair, the nape area is shaved into two horizontal strips with the thickness of one finger. Since the long hair on the upper part covers the shaved area, it is not noticeable that the procedure is performed.
• Hair follicles collected from the area shaved with the FUE technique are planted in the area where hair loss and thinning occur with the sapphire FUE hair transplant technique. The pencil-shaped sapphire ore, which allows the Sapphire FUE technique to give such successful results, allows very small and dense channels to be opened in very small areas.
• No incision is required in unshaven hair transplant. Because it is enough to shave only the area where we want to sow the hair. For this reason, there will not be any scars on your head after the operation. This also means that unshaven hair transplant has an ideal effect in terms of patient comfort. This new generation application has also become one of the preferred methods of unshaven hair transplant recently due to its high effectiveness and low risk of scarring.

Why is Unshaven Hair Transplant Done?

Unshaven hair transplant is an important treatment method for people who have thinning hair or baldness problems. This treatment is especially useful for people who do not want to wear a wig or do not want to look different. As men and women get older, their hair begins to thin, which can make them feel timid about their appearance. There are some advantages that this method provides;

• There is no need for a haircut, and since there is no difference in hair length, the person does not need to stay away from social life. In partially shaved hair Transplant, since the shaved area remains under the hair, it is very easy to camouflage this area.
• The recovery period is very short and a completely natural appearance begins to appear after only 7 to 10 days. Due to the short recovery time, the person does not need to be separated from their daily activities for a long time.
• It is one of the most ideal hair transplant techniques for women. Shaving hair, especially in women with long hair, can have traumatic consequences. For this reason, unshaven or partially shaved hair transplant procedures are methods that women can easily prefer from a psychological point of view.

Hair transplant procedure is performed by a team of specialists in the field of hair transplantation at the hair transplantation center who are experts in this field. In this technique, it can be completed between 1 and 3 hours depending on the number of follicles transplanted. The entire procedure is performed under local anesthesia. There will be small bandages on your head for 1-2 days after the procedure. You will need someone to drive you home after the procedure because you will still be under the influence of anesthesia. Thus, you can have a hair transplant in a way that has exactly the effect you want.

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What are the Features of Unshaven Hair Transplant?

First of all, when hair transplant is performed unshaven, a more comfortable recovery period is experienced for those who benefit from this application. The reason is that there is no need to stay away from social life for a long time because the hair is not shaved or partially shaved.

• In normal hair transplant, the scalp is removed and the hair follicles contained in it are extracted. However, when unshaven hair transplant is performed with the DHI technique, only the hair follicles are taken with a special device and transferred to the targeted area.
• It is an advantageous option for men because hair loss usually occurs in a large area in the peak area in men. For this reason, the hair needs to be completely shaved during normal hair Transplant. There is no need for this in the unshaven technique.
• In unshaven hair transplant, it becomes easier for the person to adapt to the application. The psychological dimensions of the two methods are different.

Why is Unshaven Hair Transplant Popular?

Experience and professionalism are of great importance in hair transplant. In order to be satisfied with the results and complete the process without problems, it is necessary to definitely turn to a professional hair transplant center. Hair transplant is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. It can also be used to correct hair loss, especially. It is a procedure performed to replace thinning hair with new hair taken from another part of the body. Unshaven hair transplant is a technique applied at a high level, in which hair-like grafts are used instead of hairless areas.

In shaved hair transplant, it is necessary to shave the entire hair in order for the procedure to be easy and give a successful result. In unshaven hair transplant, only the donor area where the hair follicle was taken is shaved into a strip and the hair that remains around it is not touched in any way. Thus, the donor area that is shaved is covered by the long hair around it, providing an image that will not disturb the person. A person who has an unshaven hair transplant should not have much hair loss.


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