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Post Operative Hair Washing

Post operative hair washing, transplant procedures, the most important issue is how to wash and care for the hair in the next process. This issue is quite important. It is necessary to be careful about washing the hair to prevent damage to the hair follicles that have been transplanted.

• Post operative hair washing process is performed after these treatments.
• You may want this initial washing process to be performed by an expert team. Thus, it makes your hair healthier.
• After the operation, your scalp will be shaved while you are still under anesthesia. This procedure does not leave any hair at the operation site and allows the wound to heal faster.
• After that, you will be given some instructions on how often you should wash your hair after returning home from the hospital. It is recommended to wash your hair at least once a day or every two days, depending on how fast it grows.
• You will be asked to use a light lotion for this purpose. Hair should be washed 3 days after the operation and should be washed with warm water once a day for 15 days without interruption. Hair should be washed with warm water and special shampoo or lotion.

Before Post Operative Hair Washing

The post operative hair washing process is a very important issue for hair transplantees. Postoperative hair washing, known as postoperative hair washing, is performed shortly after the surgical procedure. The person who underwent the operation, especially people who have had a head injury, should pay attention so that infection does not occur. The use of hair washing after surgery helps to prevent infections that may occur on the scalp and hair. However, since the scalp will be sensitive, careful washing should definitely be done. It helps to remove dead skin cells or particles that may be stuck to your scalp or hair follicles. These dead cells, if left unchecked and untreated, can cause infections. That is why it will be convenient to wash to clean them.

Non-treated areas outside the transplant area and donor area can be dried with the help of paper towels. Towels, napkins for drying the transplant area. do not use materials. Drying can be done from a distance of 20-30 cm in the warm mode of the blow dryer.Hair washing after surgery is a very important part of the healing process after your hair transplant procedure. It is important to wash your hair as soon as possible after surgery because this helps to remove blood, sweat and dirt that may have got on your scalp. Also, it can help prevent infection. For this reason, it would be appropriate to be sensitive about the first washing after the procedure.

How is Post Operative Hair Washing Done?

Hair transplant service is provided for those who have lost their hair. Along with this hair Transplant service performed in hospitals and clinics, it is necessary to pay attention to what needs to be done after the procedure. After the operation, the doctor will give you instructions on how to wash your hair. It is important that you follow all the instructions to avoid any complications. Post operative hair washing is performed to prevent infection and other problems. The following steps should be followed for post operative hair washing:

• The first hair removal application should be made to the area where the hair was taken, that is, to the donor area. It will be appropriate to wait 1 week for the part where the hair follicles were planted to be washed.
• Keep your head up while washing your hair. Use a stool, this will make it easier for you to reach your scalp.
• Apply the shampoo to your scalp and lather it using your fingers or a comb. Then rinse thoroughly with water. You should do this process in a massage way.
• Repeat this process with cold water twice more, apply the shampoo with only one hand at a time and lather the soap bubble with the other hand. Always use cold water after shampooing, as hot water can irritate your wound area and cause bleeding.
• After the washing process is over, you should dry your hair not with a towel, but with hot air, but remotely.
• The scalp should be cleaned of germs and bacteria. Therefore, the products to be used should be carefully selected. Products that will damage the scalp should not be preferred. If you are hesitant about doing this first procedure, you can get support from the clinic where you had this hair transplant. Having the first washing procedure done in a medical institution will also eliminate some risks.

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Important Information about Post Operative Hair Washing

Washing hair for the first time after surgery, known as post operative hair washing, is considered a very important procedure. For this reason, many people make an appointment with health institutions for the first washing procedure after hair transplantation. It would be better to do it in a professional way. Many people experience some hesitations when washing hair for the first time after a head-related operation. For this reason, it is necessary to be careful in this washing process so that some important situations do not arise.

The doctor who performed the hair transplant procedure will give the necessary information about this. The first thing to remember is that hair washing after surgery is done only after the wound has completely healed. It is never done before the healing process is completed. Another situation that should not be forgotten is that hair washing after surgery should be done gently using a mild shampoo and warm water.

Hair washing after surgery is a very important part of any surgical procedure. It helps to reduce the risk of infection by removing any foreign particles from the wound site. After an operation, there is always a possibility that some bacteria or other microbes may enter your body through the open wound formed during the operation. If this happens, it can trigger an infection that can lead to serious complications such as blood poisoning or sepsis. For this reason, hair washing after surgery plays an important role in preventing the occurrence of these infections after a surgical procedure has been performed on you in our hospital.

Post Operative Hair Washing Products

The 10 day washing process after hair transplant moisturizes the skin with a nourishing and restorative lotion and helps to eliminate the dark, clotted uncomfortable appearance created by light bleeding in the form of leakage after the procedure.

Hair washing after surgery should be done with care, and the materials used in this process are very important. You can get detailed information by asking your doctor. It is important to follow the instructions given by your doctor, maintain hygiene and personal hygiene. Post operative hair washing is important in this regard. The hair washing process is performed to remove all dirt and particles from the scalp. It is an important part of the hair care process that needs to be followed on a daily basis.

• This method is quite common in people who have undergone any surgery. It involves using a quality shampoo and conditioner specially designed for people who have undergone any surgery or operation.
• Baby shampoos are also considered good for washing hair after surgery, as they do not contain harsh chemicals or ingredients that can cause irritation to your skin. These shampoos are milder than ordinary shampoos available in stores and are also safe for babies, toddlers and children over 1 year old.
• Antiseptics, antibiotics that help reduce infections caused by medicated washes, cuts caused during surgeries or operations on the skin surface can be used in the doctor's knowledge.


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